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- Learn how to get Lunarfury Shield
- How can you get free RS gold bonus for your Elf City journey
- Some people vote against GE
- Why not replace eternal boots with Bandos Boots
- Get cheap RS gold in 10 mins from 4rsgold

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 Learn how to get Lunarfury Shield Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

A short while ago, Jagex includes proclaimed this game buy runescape gold enthusiasts around Runescape might purchase your Lunarfury Shield for 10 August. Nonetheless give thought to a foreign money merchandise. Together with the upgrade of your recreation, them are not to be dealt with to the 24th with August. Howenver, every rarely used a person might be flushed up on a fifth with Could.

While in the Lunarfury Shield slot, you can utilize spheres so that Squiffberry you can write any of half dozen several wardrobe types plus some two-handed firearms. In that case, you’ll purchase a hunk with Runecrafting XP every time you do it. On top of that, If perhaps you’ve amassed many of the first-tier types, you can utilize staying spheres within receive XP around Exploration and also Runecrafting – about 10, 000 spheres around each one technique. Rs Yellow metal Continually internet! Continually 100 % commodity! Continually prompt transport! Continually exclusively most effective selling prices! Continually harmless!

Legal requirements going might get you about 100k and an hour. Apply Clan Shows to see a efficient set. Not surprisingly, using these services necessitates loads of visiting plus aim. You simply won't be capable to practice every capabilities when Going frequently, making it only your income producing system. Having said that, it is really continue to probably the greatest methods of make an income in-game by using just about nil wants.

Learn how to get Lunarfury Shield?

1. When you are dressed in a facial override types, you may practice Exploration and also Runecrafting so that you can fortify these folks and also commerce by using alternative game enthusiasts.

couple of. You can utilize lunar uric acid – got by using spheres and also acquired for Hold dear Hunte

3. You may uncover a much healthier, all-the-flashier release.

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  How can you get free RS gold bonus for your Elf City journey Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Hey, rs fans for Elf City! It's time for you to get yourself prepared. In case you've been living in a hole for a couple of days, 4rsgold is willing to share with you a checklist for entering the Prifddinas so that you can complete with everything needed.

Get ready with Prifddinas's checklist.

1.    Make sure you have an access for Elf City. Finish the Plague’s End will grant you a free access to enter Prifddinas smoothly. If you haven’t finish that quest yet, do that right now with 4rsgold’s guide for Plague’s End or you can choose to wait for other access. We know it exists, but we didn’t get it since Elf City is still  unavailable.

2.    Join in RuneScape Quiz to check which Elf Clan you belong in. Jagex has posted some handy quiz on facebook to help you to check out which Elf Clan you belongs to. Not all Elf Clans may be suitable for you, according to its difficulty design. You can just join in the quiz and find out the Elf Clan you belong in.

3.    Elf City Q&A from Mod Osborne & Elfborne. RS Mod Osborn interviews rs resident Elf-moderator Mod Elfborne with all the questions you need to know about the Elf City. You’d better see the interviews to get more things of Elf City yourself.  

Study the mini-map for Elf City carefully.

Below is a mini-map for Elf city, you must learn this map really carefully because we are sure that you will be spending a lot of time with the Elf City in next few days or weeks.

How can you get free RS gold bonus for your Elf City journey?

RSoder is now having free 07scape gold bonus with the Fall Bonus Promotion.
10M 07RS Gold + Free 200K Fall Bonus
25M 07RS Gold + Free 500K Fall Bonus

50M RS Gold + Free 2M Fall Bonus
100M RS Gold + Free 3M Fall Bonus

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 Some people vote against GE Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The Grand Exchange released in Old School Runescape in February of 2015. Positive or Negative effect on the game? Well the Old School Runescape team set up a poll whether the players of the Runescape Old School Community liked the Grand Exchange to be brought back into the game late last year. With the introduction of the Grand Exchange, many players of the Runescape Old School Community were happy but some were unsatisfied.

Some people vote against GE, because there are limitations on items you can buy at once or sell. For new players, they won't have the same experience of negotiating on prices as the older players. So it is likely for new players to set lower prices in order to do a quick sell. Thus, the price on items will be unstable, and it will be hard to make runescape 2007 gold through trading items on the Grand Exchange.

However, the pros believe that there won't be as much item scamming or luring with the Grand Exchange, because you don’t need to negotiate with the sellers and the price has been set already.

Actually, the Grand Exchange makes the game a lot easier to the Runescape Old School Community. The prices on items dropped completely, but they will fluctuate back to normal. New players now have that easy way to obtain any type of osrs items that use to take time to get. Players will get rid of their "Junk items" or unneeded items and buy items in bulk very fast. Trading will be so much easier now. The margins on items will be fast to get.

The game is progressing a lot over the past years! Everyone is happy as long as Jagex keeps making the Polls. And people can catch what Old School Runescape community thinks about the game and what will be the next in game. We are looking forward for more awesome updates Runescape Old School Team! Enjoy scaping and exchanging!

Last, Work for 4rsgold is ongoing now. Those working for 4rsgold will be repaid by free osrs gold or RS Gold. Check more details about Work for 4rsgold.

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 Why not replace eternal boots with Bandos Boots Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Over two months ago, Hellhound Boss Cerberus was introduced in Old School Runescape. And with 95 Slayer requirement, players was appealing for new boots to this boss. Now here it is. Jagex Alfred has posted a draft of new Cerberus boots.

What the new Cerberus Boots look like?

You can take a sneak peek of the Cerberus boots from the right picture. And Jagex Alfred plans to add a gold trim to the eternal boots to make them look more like infinity boots.

On appearance, a magical gem added to the boots will definitely make boots look flashy in game. On colors, these new boots look too bright. It seems that players are easier to accept the colors from the boots being adsorbed, like ranger boots, infinity boots, and dragon boots.

What additional bonus will they provide?
New Cerberus boots look like ranger, infinity, and dragon respectively. They can offer a power-creep for the boot slot. An upcoming boss will drop extensions to be added to the current boots. A power creep is a gradual increase to damage output and defensive bonuses, nothing immediately significant. These items are hard to buy from other players, so if you want one, you need to prepare enough rs 07 gold to farm the boss again and again.

Why not replace eternal boots with Bandos Boots?
It is possible that the melee boots need one pair of Bandos Boots and one pair of dragon boots. What’s more, compared to Ranger boots/Infinity boots it will still be pretty cheap. So why not replace Eternal Boots with Bandos? Simply, it’s because Bandos Boots give range defence and pray and these boots have only got offensive stats with no range def or pray. That’s it!

Cerberus Boots are just in the corner. Do you want to get a drop from the Hellhound Boss? Come to purchase OSRS gold on 4rsgold to take down Cerberus in RS 2007.

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 Get cheap RS gold in 10 mins from 4rsgold Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Double XP weekend will come to Runescape on 26th of February. Yes, there is no much time left for you to make preparation! If you want to make the most of the weekend, you should make a careful plan, for instance, you will want to decide which skill you want to train or what weapon or gear is your best option. In addition, you should store plenty of RS gold in your bank to ensure you can benefit the most of the double XP weekend on of Feb. 26th. Luckily, 4rsgold is a great place for you to buy cheap RS gold.

4rsgold promotional activities offers cheapest RS gold
4rsgold always offers promotion activities to ensure all Runescape players can get cheap RS gold. If you often visit 4rsgold.com, you may noticed that we offer several different activities every month. Just as you can see, two rounds of 4rsgold 50% off sale will be available soon and totally 3100M RS gold will be sold at half price for your guys. Besides, you can gain up to $10 off if you buy RS gold on 4rsgold from Feb. 19 to Feb. 23. 4rsgold definitely can be your best choice if you want to gather cheap RS gold for double XP weekend.Get Cheapest RS Gold for Runescape Double XP Weekend

Get cheap RS gold in 10 mins from 4rsgold
When it comes to training during double XP weekend, chances are that Runescape players will need plenty of RS gold badly to buy necessary recourses and items. Luckily, 4rsgold guarantees to offer RS gold to customers within 10 mins after your order is confirmed. You see, we need to confirm the order with you to ensure you can get the right product from us, so just make sure to contract our 24/7 live chat to get your RS gold. See, you don't have to wait for a long time for training if you buy RS gold on 4rsgold.

Double XP weekend is a great time for Runescape players to level up and gain extra bonus. And this makes it is very necessary for you to gather enough Buy RS Gold on 4rsgold to make the most of the limited time. 4rsgold offers many promotional activities, just make sure to check our site regularly to get cheapest RS gold.

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